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Biz card payouts

Date: Oct 2, 2006 10:44 PM
Subject: Sunspot Affiliate - New Commission Rates

Dear Valued Affiliate,

Great News - We just increased the commission rates and tier structures for the following offers;

* The Advanta Business Cards payouts are increased to
o $65 per approval

* The American Express Business Cards payouts are increased to
o $80 for 1-4 and
o $85 from 5 approvals

* The Discover Business Card payout is increased to
o $105 per approval

Take advantage of these fantastic rates. No need for you to do anything to get these great rates, but promote the offers. Best to your success.

Please note that any links directly to card product offers are provided for informational purposes only. Any descriptions within this post about an offer may not necessarily align with the offer to which these links connect.


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