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**Current APR Rates**

Sent to a subaffiliate network:

As of May 17, 2005

Advanta Platinum Business Card 11.99%
Advanta Platinum with Rewards 7.99%

Blue from American ExpressSM 9.99%
Blue CashSM from American Express® 10.99%
Blue Cash® for Business Credit Card 8.99%
Business Cash Rebate Card from OPEN: The Small Business NetworkSM 8.99%
Business Capital Line from OPEN: The Small Business NetworkSM 7.99%
Business Gold Card from OPEN: The Small Business NetworkSM 0%
Business Green Rewards Card from OPEN: The Small Business Network(SM) 0%
d Delta SkyMiles® Business Credit Card 15.99%
Hilton HHonors® Platinum Credit Card from American Express 15.99%
IN:NYC(sm) Card from American Express 9.99%
Platinum Business Credit Card from American Express 8.99%
American Express® Rewards Gold Card 0%
American Express® Rewards Green Card 0%
Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card 15.99%
Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express 15.99%

Alaska Airlines Visa® Platinum 12.99%
America West® FlightFund® Platinum Visa® 12.99%
Anne Geddes Visa® Gold 8.99%
Asiana Visa® Platinum 12.99%
Bank of America Choice Privileges 15.99%
Hawaiian Airlines Visa® Platinum 12.99%
MilesEdge® Card from Bank of America 10.99%
Money Return Visa® Platinum 9.99%
Power Rewards™ Visa® Platinum 9.99%
US Airways® Dividend Miles® Visa® Platinum 15.99%

AARP Rewards Platinum Visa® Card 12.74%
Avon Platinum Visa® Card 11.74%
Borders and Waldenbooks Platinum Visa® Card 12.74%
Disney's Visa® Credit Card from Bank One® 12.65%
Flexible Rewards Select Visa® Signature card 11.74%
Marriott Rewards Visa® Signature card 15.74%
The Sony Card(SM) Visa® 11.74%
Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Visa® Signature card 14.40%
Starbucks Card Duetto™ Visa 11.74%
TravelPlus Platinum Visa® Card 11.74%
United Mileage Plus® Signature Visa® Card 15.74%

British Airways Visa® Signature Card 14.74%
Chase CashBuildersm MasterCard® 10.74%
Continental Airlines Platinum Card from Chase 15.74%
Continental Airlines World MasterCard® from Chase 15.74%
Free Cash Rewards Platinum Visa® Card 10.49%
HESS® Visa® from Chase 12.74%
Marathon® Platinum MasterCard® from Chase 15.74%
The Chase PerfectCard™ 14.74%
Chase Platinum Card 9.74%
Speedway SuperAmerica Platinum MasterCard® 15.74%
Chase Platinum for Students 15.74%
Subaru® Platinum MasterCard® 13.74%
Toys"R"Us® Visa® 11.74%
The Chase Travel Rewards® Platinum MasterCard® 10.74%
The Chase Ultimate Cash Award(sm) MasterCard® 13.74%
Chase Ultimate Rewards® Platinum MasterCard®. 10.74%
Universal Entertainment MasterCard® 11.74%
Universal Entertainment Student MasterCard® 15.74%
The Value Miles(SM) Platinum Visa® Card 10.49%

Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® 15.99%
AT&T Universal Platinum Card 9.74%
AT&T Universal Rewards Card 10.74%
Citi® Bronze® / AAdvantage® MasterCard® 15.99%
Citi® Diamond Preferred® Rewards Card 10.99%
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Card 11.49%
The Citi® Driver's Edge® Platinum Select® Card 11.99%
Citi® Gold / AAdvantage® World MasterCard® 15.99%
Hilton HHonors® Visa® Card 15.99%
Citi® Home Rebate Platinum Select® MasterCard® 12.99%
Citi® Platinum Select® Card 9.99%
Citi PremierPassSM Card 11.99%
Citi® Dividend Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students 15.99%
Citi® Driver's Edge® Visa® for College Students 15.99%
The Citi® mtvU™ Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students 15.99%
Citi® Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students 15.99%
Citi® Upromise® Card 11.99%
Citi® Platinum Select® / AAdvantage® Business Card 15.99%
CitiBusiness® Card 10.99%
CitiBusiness® Card with ThankYou Network(SM) 11.99%

Discover 2GO® Card 8.99%
Discover® Platinum Clear Card 8.99%
Discover® American Flag Platinum Card 8.99%
Discover® Platinum Gas Card 8.99%
The Miles Card from Discover® Card 13.99%
Discover® Platinum Card 8.99%
Discover® Student Classic 15.74%
Discover® Student Clear Card 15.74%
Discover® Student Tropical Beach Card 15.74%
Discover® Titanium Card 9.99%
Discover® Platinum Wildlife Card 8.99%

Pulaski Bank MasterCard® or VISA® 6.50%
Pulaski Bank Visa Gold 7.99%

The WorldPerks® Visa® 15.50%

Please note that any links directly to card product offers are provided for informational purposes only. Any descriptions within this post about an offer may not necessarily align with the offer to which these links connect.


Citi(R) Platinum Select(R) / AAdvantage Business Card

New card art and banners were released today within a subaffiliate network.

Please note that any links directly to card product offers are provided for informational purposes only. Any descriptions within this post about an offer may not necessarily align with the offer to which these links connect.


MasterCard ad for the affluent

From a publicity email from MasterCard:

"During the week of May 9th, MasterCard is launching an integrated, Priceless® ad campaign, promoting the new World MasterCard. This integrated campaign (TV/print/online/PR) is meant to drive consumer awareness and demand within the key mass affluent segment for the World MasterCard, by communicating the card's unique benefits and distinct rewards structure. The spot conveys the World MasterCard commitment to provide a self-selected rewards program, whereby cardholders are free to make decisions based on their personal needs and interests.

The new ad is set in a candy store and features the tagline "the sweetest reward card there is." Instead of shopping for candy, however, consumers are browsing a wide selection of cardholder rewards from which they can choose. "Everything from vacations to cameras and iPods, to plane tickets: $0," the narrator of the ad says as a couple in the store is visibly impressed and excited by the rewards selection. "Reward card that makes you feel like a kid in a candy store: priceless," the narrator continues.

To see the add, please click here."

Learning to spell 'ad' correctly: priceless.


Target demo: rich people

Targeting the rich folk

The Citi Premier Pass is a perfect example of angling for a higher end demo. The point about these consumers perceiving themselves as "middle class" has important marketing implications. You can't go too high end otherwise you'll alienate them -- they seem themselves as regular folk. On the other hand, you need to be sure to differentiate your card product from the marketplace.

The credit card industry is entirely commoditized. Competition is fierce -- forget top of wallet, there is a huge and expensive battle being waged for IN wallet.

Now that Greenspan keeps jackin' up those interest rates, and with this whole bankruptcy law thing, it will be interesting to see how consumers shift their personal financial portfolios possibly out of home equity and back into credit cards. It will also be interesting to see how the industry responds in terms of APRs, offers, etc.

Essentially, credit card issuers are pressed to work harder for less margin. (Story of my life!)


Discover(R) Platinum Clear Card

"Accept Your Discover(r) Platinum Clear Card Today!"

Package contents:
- Outer envelope
- Full color four-fold letter on glossy stock
- Return envelope
- Full color insert on glossy stock
- Plastic fake card

What an expensive package! I must be in their "high value prospect" bucket. But don't they know that refusal to remove a $30 late charge after years of timely payment means that they will never, ever, ever, ever get me back as a customer? Plus, Discover Card skews totally Midwestern. AS IF!

Marketing & Offer details:
- OE had boring 'Important Document Enclosed'
- Johnson box: 'o% intro APR* on Purchases and Balance Transfers!' (go to rate of 8.99% on purchases)
- 0% on BT through July 2006 (damn, that's a long time ... 14 months)
- 0% on purchases until December 2005 (interesting strategy, and probably effective)
- Three card art choices: Clear, Clearly Proud, Platinum (Plat not listed on insert)
- Insert touts 'Exclusive Cardmember Privileges' that, upon closer inspection, are standard for credit cards

All in all, I find Discover to be fairly middling.

** Please note that the details above refer to a direct mail package. The link to the online application will not necessarily direct you to a similar offer.**