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** About **

I used to help make junk mail and banner ads for one of the nation's largest credit card issuers. I also have a number of friends and colleagues currently in the credit card industry, so I get a lot of current marketplace information.

Bottom line: I know credit cards.

I also have a lot of friends, mostly grrlfriends but guyfriends too, who have no idea about anything credit. Balance transferring, earning points, managing their credit ... it's all greek to them.

So I figure ... why not take what I know about the credit card world, help out my friends, and have some fun writing at the same time?

  • Should I transfer balances to this low rate offer I got in the mail?
  • What's with these points and miles and stuff?
  • Is it totally bogus to pick a credit card because it looks cool?

I'm here to help answer such burning questions, and more!

Plus, for you cynics out there, anyone who ends up applying and getting approved for a card -- yes, sometimes I do get a kickback. That's the cherry on top of it all, but it's not why I am doing this. It's a vicious world of capitalism out there, & if I can drop some knowledge to ease the pain of navigating the world of credit cards, then I've done my job.



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